About Us

Wanderer Studio is the brainchild of an amicable souls - Ken Wai, with a passion in photography. The ingeniously self-taught photographer eventually led him to have found the Studio in year 2010, and the rest was history. What drives him would be his biggest dream to globetrot around the world, to set foot on every corner of the earth, and to document every magical moment, which will become the most cherished possessions for people who have (and will!) cross his paths.

In addition, he is in a continuous quest to scout for talents to join this big family of Wanderer Studio. Converging an unrivaled team of talents, each of the professionals pursues to seek out influences in crafting timeless imagery with a flair of uniqueness, tailored made just for you.

In the years that he has been involved with photography, Ken Wai has always holds on to his mantra, something that is intrinsically apparent: to capture those elusive moments - the most genuine, unpretentious expressions and emotions, where every story will unveil itself naturally and candidly. Hence allowing him to retell their stories with a personal touch, the wonderful moments one might not have remembered, timeless moments one will treasure forever. In other words, this, is capturing life.

With heartfelt appreciation, Wanderer Studio is honored and grateful of the continuous support and encouragement along the way. You absolutely inspired us to sustain that zeal which enabled us to craft many more masterpieces.
Our journey will never end here.